FAQs on the Internship

Frequently-Asked Questions

1. What is AN internship?

An internship is a learning opportunity for students to develop professional skills in a hands-on environment. The program complements the formal learning that you get in the University with the practical knowledge and skills, including the essential soft skills, under actual workplace conditions in recognized companies or institutions.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Guidelines underline the importance of internship, which is “meant to provide students with an opportunity to complement their formal learning with practical knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes and to gain hands on experience in recognized Host Training Establishments” or HTE (cf. CMO No. 104, Series of 2017, Article I, Section 1).

2. When am I allowed to enroll in the Corporate internship courses?

The Corporate Internship courses (1 and 2) are offered during the second semester for fourth year BSIT students. In order to enroll in both courses, a BSIT student should have passed all major IT courses or at least have an incomplete (INC) standing in some of these courses.

As stated in section 12 of the CHED memorandum on student internship guidelines, a student intern "has taken all his/her major (professional) subjects before taking the internship subject to the requirement of the HTE. He or she is allowed to take other subjects with a maximum of six units during the internship period and/or subject to the institution's policy." (cf. CMO 104:2017)

3. Can I still do internship in a company even without being enrolled in the Corporate internship courses?

Yes. A BSIT student can start applying for internship and pursue OJT for as long as he or she is (1) in 4th year standing and (2) has attended the orientation for corporate internship. The orientations are given at the start of the second term. You may get in touch with the internship coordinator for further details.

To eventually submit the requirements and get a final grade, you will have to enroll in the Corporate Internship courses offered during the second semester of each school year.

4. How many hours of internship work do i need to do?

The number of internship hours required for BSIT students is four-hundred eighty-six (486). This figure is mandated by CHED under Section 8.3 of the CHED Memorandum Order 25:2015 (REVISED POLICIES, STANDARDS, AND GUIDELINES FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (BSCS), BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS (BSIS), AND BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (BSIT) PROGRAMS), which stipulates:

"The minimum number of internship hours (preferably in a full time capacity) for the BSIS and BSIT programs is 486 hours and 162 hours for the BSCS program."

5. I intend START DOING internship with a company. What are the steps required?

6. I have finished my internship with a company. What's next?

7. How do I submit all the internship requirements?

See to it that you are enrolled in the courses Corporate Internship 1 and Corporate Internship 2. If you are already enrolled, you will be able to access the course details on Canvas, on which you can submit the needed documentation and course requirements.


The documents below will serve as references and guides for your internship journey. 

CHED Guidelines on Student Internship in the Philippines

For reference, you may read the document on the 'Revised Guidelines for Student Internship Program (SIPP) in the Philippines' (CMO No. 104 Series of 2017).

CHED Guidelines on Student Internship Abroad

For reference, you may read the document on the 'Revised Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSGs) on Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP)' (CMO No. 22 Series of 2013).

RA 7877: Anti-Sexual Harassment Act

You may also go over the Republic Act 7877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995, particularly as regards it's relevance in the employment, education, or training environment.