The complete IT professional.

The Master in Information Technology (MIT) program of UA&P aims to produce the complete IT professional – equally capable as a software engineer, systems administrator, business analyst, and researcher. The master’s degree gives the graduate an edge in the IT industry as it trains graduate students not just to be administrators, but to be managers, senior engineers, strategic planners, chief information officers, entrepreneurs, and educators. It does this by providing IT training that focuses on the development of intellectual activities and not just the acquisition of skills.

The program emphasizes the acquisition of concepts and technologies preparing and enabling the graduate student for the industrial practice of systems integration, systems administration, systems planning, systems implementation, and other activities that maintain the integrity and proper functionality of a system and its components. It also involves projects relevant to the industry including business, education, and government.

Admission Qualifications

• Graduate of any degree with two years’ work experience.

• Satisfactory interview results

• Proficiency in oral and written communication skills

Admission Requirements

(To be submitted in a short brown envelope)

• Completed MIT application form

• Transcript of Records (Original Copy)

• Curriculum Vitae (with 2x2 photo)

• Two 2x2 pictures

• Two letters of recommendation (from supervisor or former professors)

Academic Calendar

• 1st Quarter – August to October

• 2nd Quarter – November to January

• 3rd Quarter – February to April

• 4th Quarter – May to July